Zack and Kristen – Mendocino Wedding Photographer

In the last couple years I’ve been really fortunate to shoot weddings in some cool locations across multiple states. Zack and I were introduced to each other through Reddit and when the opportunity came to shoot his wedding 1200 miles away at Precious Forest in the Mendocino National Forest, and to drive there at that, how could I say no?

With a couple detours on our trip we ended up driving almost 3000 miles in a 4 day period. We ate at the cleanest In N Out I’ve ever seen in Salt Lake City, and inversely one of the nastiest ones ever in Reno. We saw tons of Proghorn Antelope in Wyoming. We saw a sign at a gas station that said “Don’t even think about parking here.” Breaking news, we thought about it. Call the thought police? We spent some time in Redding to see the sundial bridge and get postcards we still haven’t mailed 3 months later. We ran out of podcasts way too quickly.

The wedding itself was awesome. Some of the highlights were the venue having a cabin for the bride and groom with no electricity and an outdoor bathroom. There were pies instead of traditional wedding cakes. There was a surprise flash mob dance from the wedding party that the bride and groom didn’t know about. I could go on and on and on about how much fun it was. Was it worth spending a few days in the car? Definitely.

Wedding Cabin at precious Forest

Wedding rings and gifts at Precious Forest in mendocino forest

bride putting on temporary tatoo before weding

bride gets makeup done while mother watches

bride getting makeup done

emotional mother of bride cries while daughter is having makeup done

wedding and bridesmaid dresses hanging in window

happy bride getting ready

bride having hair done at precious forest in mendocino

groom getting ready in outdoor bathroom at precious forest

groom fixing his pocket square in mendocino

groom portrait at precious forest in mendocino

groom helping his groomsman with pocket square

bride sneaking peak of groom before wedding

bride reveals dress to mother and mother in law

wedding dress reveal

precious forest wedding cabin

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