Steph and Jake – Red Rocks Trading Post Wedding

You know that you’re in for a wild party when a mobile IV hydration service arrives at the salon where the bridal party is getting ready just to make sure every is ULTRA hydrated on a hot day at Red Rocks. This wedding did not disappoint one bit. Surrounded by their friends (and a bunch of random people that think it’s cool to invite themselves to a wedding just because it’s at Red Rocks Trading Post Wedding) Jake and Steph were married on a sunny Colorado day. The party afterwards at the Studios at Overland Crossing featured three food trucks, plenty of their favorite Midwestern beers and one hell of a dance party. At one point while looking for portrait spots we found this cool couch in front of a cooler window in the back of a staff only office and with the help of some vape smoke and a bridesmaid with iron lungs we made one of the coolest photos I’ve ever taken.