Natalie and Adam – Space Gallery Wedding

Before I even showed up for Natalie and Adam’s wedding I was freaking pumped. First of all, a wedding in January in Colorado is always a treat, especially when the weather is so warm. Secondly, after doing so many mountain weddings over the last couple years sometimes it’s nice shoot a wedding in the city. Don’t get me wrong, when I first started doing weddings I dreamed of being able to shoot in places half as cool as Aspen and Telluride. Now that I’ve been spoiled with ridiculous mountain destinations for a few years I love the chance to shoot at any number of the urban venues in Denver. Space Gallery was one of my first few wedding locations prior to it’s relocation to a much cooler and bigger spot a little bit down the road. Even though it’s much larger it still has all of the charm and quirks of the old place.

Natalie and Adam reached were a dream to work with. First of all, look at that beard. It’s a thing of beauty. A masterpiece. Secondly, Natalie and basically all of her friends are serious dancers. It was one of the wildest dance parties I have ever seen. We’re talking seven foot high kicks from professional ballet dancers. We’re talking spins and jumps. We’re talking choreography. It. Was. Wild. This wedding also featured probably the most portrait locations and time alloted that I’ve ever seen. We must have spent an hour or more finding a handful of different locations and it really paid off. It was awesome to have so much spare time in the schedule to let us wander around from spot to spot.

Special thanks to the always awesome Brandi Potter for being my second shooter for this one.

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