Anna – Denver Senior Portrait Photographer

My Senior Portraits were terrible. I don’t know if it’s a regional thing but when I was in high school we had to go to a specific portrait studio to get our yearbook photos taken where as in Colorado you can take your own if you want to. I remember that when I went to have mine taken they made me wear a different shirt than what I brought because the blue was too similar to the backdrop they made everyone stand in front of. They put me in this off white/beige button up shirt that wasn’t particularly flattering for my skin nor did it reflect my personality at all. Thankfully kids in Colorado don’t have to deal with that issue.

Anna is a super smart and confident young lady. I attempted to make a joke about how you’re expected to have your entire life plotted out upon graduation and she surprised Elissa and I by having a pretty thorough life plan going. For the record I had NO CLUE what i wanted to do until I was like, 25 or so. Anna wants to work with and help kids and plans on pursuing some pretty hefty academics to help her with her pursuit. Think Stanford or Ivy League level stuff.

While we were taking photos at the South Platte Park Carson Nature Center this girl was fearless. I asked her if she would stand on a rock in the Platte River and she had jumped onto it before I could even get close enough to offer assistance. And she was wearing heels! In the brief time we spent with her she impressed us on many levels and I am confident that this girl is going to make waves.

Denver Senior Portrait Photographer

Colorado Senior Portrait Photographer

High School Senior Girl poses on footbridge near Platte River in Denver, Colorado

Colorado High School Senior girl poses for senior portrait

South Platte Park senior photo session

Senior Photos by Dan Hand Photography

Girl poses for Senior Photos on the bank of the platte river in Denver

Golden hour senior photos near platte river in denver

girl sits on a wooden fence for senior photos in denver

Denver Senior Photo Photographer