Marc and Bryn – Chautauqua Engagement Photographer

I had an awesome time meeting Bryn and Marc at Chautauqua up near Boulder, CO last weekend.  They’re getting married in June and I am excited to be their photographer at such an amazing location.  When I met with them they showed me around the parks that surround their venue and while we were there I took a handful of shots of them together.  Since it gets dark so early there was gorgeous light even though it was only around 3 pm.  I think the shots turned out really nice.

Here’s where it gets weird though.  Marc mentioned that he played in a band that toured San Diego a bunch of times and we briefly discussed some of the venues he played out.  For some reason though I neglected to ask him the name of his former band, which is pretty odd for me because I am usually all over something like that.  It wasn’t until I got home and saw his facebook page that I realized that not only have I heard of his band The Appleseed Cast, I actually saw them back in 2003 and have 4 of their albums on my ipod.  I hadn’t touched my Ipod in over a year since I finally got a smart phone with Pandora, but I definitely charged it up and gave it a listen afterwards.

Chautauqua is a gorgeous place for a wedding, engagement photography or even just a picnic.  I can’t wait to get back here as often as possible.